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What's So Special About An All-Boys Private High School?

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Some young men may be uneasy about the idea of going to an all-boy school, at least initially. All-boy schools offer a different environment than the one found in a typical public school, but this is a good thing. Boys will be nurtured and challenged at an all-boy school. They will be allowed to grow intellectually and emotionally. Here are four wonderful aspects of all-boy private high schools:

1. Boys will be encouraged to get to know each other.

Friendship means a lot to teenagers, who need peers to help them navigate the exciting and confusing life stage that is adolescence. Boys will be able to make great friends at an all-boy private high school. Boys will be encouraged to get to know each other in class and out of it. Strong character, loyalty, and helpfulness are traits that encourage healthy friendships, and boys will be encouraged to develop these traits at an all-boy high school.

2. Boys will learn in an educational environment tailored to their needs.

Boys learn differently than girls do. Boys often have more energy and do best when allowed to have hands-on experiences. All-boy private high schools cater exclusively to boys and their learning styles. Boys can excel in a single-sex school because they'll be able to learn in ways that are intuitive to them.

3. Boys can socialize with girls outside of school and at supervised events.

Teenage boys are at an age when they're especially interested in girls. Girls can be a distraction at school, which is why all-boy schools are a good option for young men. However, that doesn't mean that boys will never be able to socialize with girls. Many all-boy schools partner with neighboring all-girl schools to allow inter-school socialization at supervised events. Boys will get to talk to girls and benefit from friendships without being exposed to constant distraction.

4. Boys will receive mentorship from role models.

Mentorship is an important part of healthy masculinity. When boys don't have good role models in their lives, they're more likely to emulate celebrities and other famous figures that might not be good examples of moral living. All-boy private high schools are staffed by many teachers who adhere to the Catholic faith. At an all-boy Catholic school, boys can get good advice from teachers, priests, and coaches. This advice can help boys make healthy, moral decisions that will steer their lives in the right direction.