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How To Prove Successful At A Private School Admission Interview

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For many families, the private school admissions process can be particularly intimidating. One of the most important parts of the admission process is the in-person interview. Aside from remaining calm and poised, keep the following things in mind as you prepare for the admission interview.

Perform Research About the School Ahead of Time

It is important that you understand what the school is offering for its students and how it is different from other private and public schools. The reason this is important is that the interviewer is likely going to ask you why you are interested in your child becoming a student at their school. When answering this question, you do not need to give a generic answer like a solid reputation. Instead, you need to be able to give specific answers that show you have done your research and that the school is the right fit for your child.

Dress Appropriately

When going to a private school interview, you do not want to show up in casual wear, such as jeans and flip-flops. Private schools have a certain dress code that needs to be followed, and while you will not need to follow this in the interview, you should show up in nice attire. For instance, do not wear something bright and flashy, and try to wear business attire if you have it.

Incorporate Examples Whenever Possible

Literally, anyone can answer a question, but in an admissions interview, you need to go above and beyond to show that you have what it takes. You need to be able to have a solid conversation and be able to engage the person you are interviewing with. To do this, you should always use examples and stories when answering questions to help illustrate what you are trying to say.

Ask Stimulating Questions

At the very end of the admissions interview, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions that you have. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity and ask any questions that have developed over the course of the interview or prior to the interview. While you may have some basic questions, such as whether they offer certain clubs, you will want to also focus on insightful questions that will show you have performed your homework related to the school and are serious about becoming part of the school.

Follow-Up with a Thank You E-mail or Note

Individuals never realize the true power of a follow-up letter or e-mail, but it is always a good idea to send one that references your interaction. Make sure to include something positive, funny, or specific about the interview, as this will show that you recall the meeting.

For more information, contact private schools in your area.